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Sunday, July 26, 2009

tick, tock, tick, tock...

Time just keeps on going where ever we be or however things are.

I tend to have mixed feelings at the thought of ticking clocks. For instance, I would be quite out of my mind if a bomb wrapped around my body or another person's body was ticking . A boring class or a long drive in the car brings joy to my heart as the ticks and tocks go by.

Isn't it funny how we always wish time would speed up or slow down at certain moments in our life? Always hoping to get there at tomorrow's dreams and leave today's behind.

If today were tomorrow, would we want yesterday?

Yeah, I'm lost too! I guess I let the philosopher gain control of my thinking. But the part about losing my mind about ticking bombs is true.

Summer is half over. No major holidays to be had but it has been great getting things organized in our barn. The children have been homebodies anyway.

But I do ask myself, "Where is the adventure in it all?"

My answer, "You need to make your own adventures in life! No matter where you live, what your circumstances are, or who you are. The point is to LIVE!"

(dope, the philosopher took command again. I think it must be the heat!!!!!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The word that sends a shrill down my back!

There is a word in the English language (actually all languages but I do not know how to pronounce them) that can get me screaming and frustrated, while at the same time long for it, and wish I could have more. Oh, to be released from the clutches of it. It is my nemesis, and relief. Dare I say it out loud?!


There I said it. Out loud to let it free, well, no, I do not think I can ever be free from it until I pass onto the paradise that awaits me.

I loathe having to take time sleeping! I loathe that I cannot sleep well! I loathe that every stinking (or glorious) day I am the walking sleepy queen. You know the "scream extractor" from Monster's INC...I wish I had the sleep extractor!

Well wha, wha, wha ( ~the baby cry sound) for me!

That is why lately I have not written everyday because I am a ZOMBIE! Hmmmm...I think maybe I will make a movie about "The Attack of the Zombie Mommy". I will have to do that and post it!

Well maybe if I put my tap shoes on, I will gain energy and dance the ever-so-fatigue away! That will be my super power, energizing tap shoes, that will chase the zombie mommy away!!

Whew! Thanks for being my sound board. I'll put my magic taps on and of coarse my cape and go conquer things!

And those of you who do know me, know that this is not just talk, I will actually do it!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We came, we conquered, we got wet!

In the anticipation of my brother Nathan coming home from a three week work thingy, we tally-hoed out to his place to mow down some mean, green, yellow things!

Betty, our work horse commercial mower, did the job well. I think mowing with her is terrible fun, really! If you put her in 5th gear, you literally fly with your legs up in the air behind you. 4th gear keeps you running and 3rd gear is a brisk walk on the wild side! Dan here is taking his turn. We usually argue back and forth at who gets to mow. He usually plays the "You need the rest and I don't want you to over do it" card which always works to my chagrin.

Hot, sweaty, dusty and dirty, the children and I ran and jumped into the water.
Ahhhh, refreshment!!

Nate found this wok like thing, super sized, that is maybe 3ft in diameter. We can ferry Parley and Preston and O.P. across the creek or AWESOME rocks we find.
Well on this day, we were going to check out the downstream area. Laura scooted Preston down close to these little rapids, slipped and was barely clinging to the saucer occupying Preston.
Long story short, I quickly grabbed the saucer and then told Preston I will walk him down the little rapids. Well, he did not like that idea. I picked him up and told Laura to let the saucer go down to see how it will flit and flutter in the water and then I'll jump in and get it.


I didn't calculate the time to get Preston to the shore and jumping back in. Needless to say, I was running for my life after that darn saucer! Putting it in full sprint, I pushed myself thru the shallow water to catch up the beloved saucer. After falling many times when I was almost in reach of it, I decided the rocky land would be faster.
I high tailed it to land and pushed myself as hard as I may. The saucer then caught on branches that over hang the water. I paused, just to make sure before I crossed the water that it would stay. It did, thus I entered the water again. As soon as I got to the half way point, the branches released it's victim, laughing at my poor attempt at trying to be in shape!
Well, I will show those branches whose clever now, I thought as I returned to land just in time to see the next tiny rapids to push the saucer farther from my clutches.

Oh, that wretched curiosity I had to have to watch it go solo. I cursed the day I was born, well not really, maybe the day that I started not being in shape....or thought of the dumb idea!

Anyhow, at the rate of a race turtle, I tried to position myself on the other side of the tiny rapids to catch the bleep, bleep, bleep! ( I really do not swear, but I thought saying "bleep" would appropriately show my frustration!)

Although my utter slowness and dragging breath did not lend me the ability to get to the spot I wanted, the thoughtful saucer went down the faster moving water and gently came to the shore side on which I stood and I gratefully claimed the prize, leaned on it (for the ground was way too lumpy with BIG rocks ((which in any case I wanted to bring home with me)) to collapse on) and tried to will myself to live through the trauma I had just put my body thru.

As I stood panting and weak, I swear I heard the saucer laughing and then realized I was in no mood to be mocked and quietly apologized. After some unknown time of agonizing pain as life slowly crept back into my being, I was able to begin my journey upstream to where my children were and to Danny sitting in the middle of the stream, in pain as not having brought his water shoes...

...but that's another adventure in saving him and the children.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Light bulb!!

My goodness, I just figured out how to post pictures with my posts!!! Applause please!
No need to stand, but hoot and hollerin' is well received!

I even did it with Parley crunch dry Ramon noodles in my ear. EEEH GADS!

And yes, these are the 2 boys previously mentioned. Who has mud on their face now?!

Simple arithmetic

2 boys
+ flower garden
= carnage!

Tuning In

I wanted to go and see the Hanna Montana movie yesterday but my children did not want to. Come on! They are children for goodness sake! The question was asked by another adult, "Why do you want to see the movie?" My reply was "Because I want to see how the story works out." Which is really true. But then as I was thinking later, long after I had left the conversation opportunity, on why I did want to see it. This usually is a typical occurrence in my life, things happen then WAY later I have the perfect answer or comeback.

Anyway, I am thinking I'm pining for the days that I never was a tweeny bopper. Not that you have to be one to see the movies or hear the music or watch the Channel on any of those things! But to really live! Toss-your- hair-behind-you-and-frolick-in-the-grassy-fields-with-no-worries-on-your-mind-except-where-to-find-the-next-frog kind of living! Though as I have said before, I have a child's mind trapped inside an adult life kind of issue. Which is a Huge issue because my body hurts and I am tired all the time! And I am only 34!!!! But I guess if you add the 3 and 4 together you get the age 7. Sounds about right to me! Probably my husband also!!

Needless to say I did not see the movie but watched Race to Witch Mountain with my boys while Laura and her friend saw 17 Again. I did like the movie except for the hooligans throwing POP-Its during the first part of the movie and no movie on the screen. But thank goodness both were taken care of and it all worked out even if I had to keep those hooligans in a head lock for the first 56 minutes! Luckily I have Amazon Princess strength and a keen sense of justice. (Tho my children may disagree on the last quality I just mentioned.)

Well duty calls now. My red phone just rang and I need to twirl and jump into my invisable jet!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I lost my raspberries!

I had a dream of an very old lady who sat down by me. All of the sudden things dropped from her and started rolling around. Being the kind and thoughtful person I am, ;), I jumped up and started helping her pick them up. To my surprise and humor, they were her marbles rolling around. I could tell she was senile as she groped for her missing parts, the marbles. I chuckled to myself pretty good at the true cliche of losing your marbles and then as dreams do, I moved on to something else. As I pondered this scenario, I couldn't help myself becoming frantic and wondered if that was a vision of my future! Come to think of it, I did see a couple marbles rolling around in my art room. But maybe the dream was a warning that something would go missing. And yes, that it is.

I picked some yummy raspberries with hopes to eat them and make a delicious rustic tart. I came inside yesterday from working hard in my barn to make a yummy treat...but alas, they were missing. I called my children into my interrogation room one by one. All pleaded innocent. So then I put them in the chokie out in the barn. Still no one talked. My conclusion is that a third party must have found out our "Secret Word"to our house alarm and is therefore guilty. What can I do now but go shopping for food safe!

The question still begs to be asked though...where did the marbles come from that I found on my floor?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I think I have a brain tumor

I have again spent the last hour trying to add flashy things to my site but ended up messing it up!
I think I have to put my head in a freezer to let the pain dissipate. Oh the agony of it all!
I also add a play list but the graphic is too big! Can I just catch a break for once!!??
I am just happy there is not a real time video and sound feed capturing me as I SCREAM AND HOP UP AND DOWN!

Oh, I just read this fortune right in front of me. It brings peace and enlightenment into my soul. Hopefully it will reach my head. It reads "YOU HAVE THE TALENT TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS." Does that include a truce between the computer and me?

I will go to my quiet place and find my inner zen and hopefully return in a better frame of mind.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures anyone?

I am listening to my boys watching "Scooby Doo and the Roller Ghoster" and banging my head against the wall. It is either the bad written lines and music in the show or me being frustrated with the computer since I can't manipulate it with my mind powers! I want to add more pictures on other parts of my page, not just the side. Any suggestions? I should just stick to paper, scissors and glue! Oh such trial! Such a tribulation in my life!

Just kidding, I just like to be dramatic! Though it does not get me anywhere, I still try for the sympathy vote!

Correction in who sets the alarm off and who does not!

As Laura read my story about the alarm, she quickly enlightened me of my horrendous mistake. LAURA NEVER HAS SET THE ALARM OFF AND NEVER WILL. (though I believe one must never say never!) Still her wisdom does move me in mysterious ways and motivates us all! All hail Laura and her wisdom!!

Dinner Anyone?

I have the hardest time cooking dinner in the summer. Though I admit I get lazy about it in the cooler months also. I just forget or I am too hot! Then I panic and find something easy, like breakfast, for dinner. Where is the nutrition? I just pray a lot that we may be nourished and have strength. Last night was the best dinner yet. We went to Coldstone. I had peanut butter in mine so there was my protein. Dan had the Strwberry Blonde which did have fruit! What about the children you ask? It was a loss cause. Laura had cake batter icecream with cookie dough in it, Parley had cotton candy, and Preston enjoyed his watermelon sherbert. At least we all had our dairy right?!
But really, in the Wilson household having our daily dairy is not a problem. We go through 5 gallons of milk a week and that does not include me, I drink soy now. Yogurt is a staple too.

I am asking myself, "Why would you want to know our dairy habits anyway?"

I was thinking, maybe I have a form of Autism. I get to overly focused on a project and it is SOOOO hard to switch to another. Or maybe the multipersonalities diagnosis is really true. Hmmmm. I need to reevalute who I really am. Maybe it is not hard to switch from project to project, but personality to personality. Okay, I am freaking myself out now. I will move on quickly.

Okay then!

Dear Preston set the alarm of this morning. It is a daily event at our household. A few weeks ago we had a system put in and we are having the darnest time remembering about the motion detecter when we get up in the morning. After Dan leaves to go to work he always sets the door alarm and the motion. I love him dearly but stop with setting the motion already. I have to tear out of bed and fly downstairs to quick disarm it. A couple of weeks ago the motion was set off (big shocker there!) by one of us and we did not turn it off in time. I get a call from the security place and they ask for a "Code Word". Hmmmm. I never was told anything about a "Code Word". After I get off the phone with them I try to call Danny. They ask him the same question about the "Code Word". He is at a loss also. So I need to prepare for the police to come and check things out. Mind you, it is early morning, I am in my p.j.s and not wanting to put a bra on because I just had surgery. Dan said he will try to cancel the police visit. Luckily my hair was not sticking straight up and my lipstick was still on from the day before. (Its the long lasting kind from revelon). Every one knows we must look good for a man in uniform, right! Hence, the police did come and I was embarrassed and felt bad for wasting their time. Very graciously they said don't be sorry, it is a big deal about a break in, so no problem. (It must have been the lipstick!) Dan called about a minute after they left and told me he got it canceled so the police would not come. Too late I said. But at least we know the "code word" now.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wants and Needs

I have spent the last hour trying to figure what picture would be best to use behind the title and info thing. Whew, hard work to think and figure about unknown things!

On my Laundry list to do items today is...well laundry of course. I should also crack the whip on myself and the kidlets to clean the upstairs. The not-so-public part of our house so it is very easy to let it get in much disarray.

By the way, I just ran spell check because I knew I spelled disarray wrong and "kidlets" was spelled wrong also. A suggestion was given to use "giblets" or "cutlets" instead. Hmmmm. That one can throw me into deep thinking.

Anyway as I was conjuring up my "to do" list...what was I saying? I often get confused what to do in a day. The WANTS usually out weigh the SHOULD. I am not the best housekeeper. I am good but need to be way better than I am now. It is just that I would rather build, create, design, or play than age prematurely by doing housework all the time. ;)

A quote I think is funny from the movie Raising Arizona is when H.I. Mcdunna is back in jail and they are having a therapy session. The big man with a very deep voice confesses "At times I feel I am trapped in a woman's body." A question is then asked, "And why is that?" "Because I get the menstrual cramps real bad." Well, to try and make sense why I am rambling on is I often feel I am a child trapped in a woman's body with a household I am in charge of and I would rather be playing. See, I did warn you of how random I am.

Since it is 10:15 in the a.m., in my pajamas and need to get up and MOVE IT, I better actually do so.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Introducing me!

Hello to my faithful minions! I have often said "I if I wasn't so mental, I'd have taken over the world by now!" So I created my own world and rule over it, in the most humble way of course!

I answer to Queen, Domestic Goddess, Wonder Woman, Mommy, and other niceties. I run away from mean things and hide while my guards take of it. But when duty calls and there is justice to be had, Wonder Woman arrives and saves the day, even if my superhero outfit is in the bottom of the laundry bin with stinky towels on it and my boys used my lasso to tie up Laura to get her to tell the truth where she hid their Lego creation! I might also hold the world record of the longest consecutive sentences and misspelled words or made up words. My world for sure, planet earth?, who can really tell since I have never entered a contest. I also like using parenthesis!

My true love is my Danny. My passion is art. My life is my children.

My thought process is random with brilliant colors or just gray tones. I have issues mentally and physically. I laugh easy and I cry easy. I am random but like organization. Can you tell yet that I have multi personalities?!

I live in the now, dream about the future, and either not think too much of the past or ignore it. ( Long story there!)

I am trying to embrace the world of technology better. (I am a drawing utensil and paper kind-of-girl) So please bear with me as I figure this thing out. I do want to add pictures and things if the camera quits running away screaming "Don't let her touch me! Help me!" Tho most times I am the one who runs away because I get frustrated with this rinky-dink outfit and want a nice Nikon to do some serious picture taking!

I am one who also needs a lot of beauty sleep. So alas, to bed I must go.