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Friday, July 23, 2010


My little niece was born during a HUGE snow storm in Spokane, WA, 2008.

We do not get snow here often so it is a lot of fun when we do!

My sweet Laura Lou was at 6th grade camp for three whole days in 2008 and I missed her so.
The page is a little busy but I guess it reflects how my mind was as I rushed through all her years up until then.

Oh how I love my Danny!!
It stared as a JR high love and kept it as a long distance love for 7 years until we finally got married! Oh what a JOYOUS and HAPPY day that was!!!!

One of my brothers lives on this beautiful little river.

We love to go there anytime of year, but swimming is really fun!

I decided to write a short story for this day that Preston and I went to the dog park.
It was in February and a pretty day!

Me as a blond and Danny with an afro on halloween!

What hotties!

Christmas with family.

Again, I love dimension!

Just beautiful...
Snow, on snow, on snow.

My Danny was the first to jump off the truck cab onto the trampoline.
Of course the children soon followed.


I enjoy making cards.
I like the little canvases!

I do declare I enjoy texture...

and dimension!

I love this tag card!
The feel of it is great because of all the sewn layers of it!

I just adore this here birdie!

Projects of Late

I thought I needed one of these so I got to work!

( A Housewife's quick guide of spells)

Good spell at putting thing off huh? =)

This book is a week in the life of the Wilson's.



FHE or family time!

On the back I summed up what was involved in the day.


Was then my scheduled create day!


Night at the church for scouts and youth activities.


I would meet my friend Nikki at the dog park and piano lessons for my daughter Laura lou.


V.I.P. day. My husband and I would take turns taking our kiddos out on dates. We need to pick up on that again. We all miss it!


Cleaning and Date night! Yeah!!!!!

My Christmas countdown...

A suitcase of coupons for my hubby on Valentines Day!

Our Family Tree...