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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

English as my Second Language...

I grew up talking "Margineese", a.k.a my own language filled with sound effects, made up words and many wrong pronouncings or difficulty in thinking of the correct word to use! I also have been asked what country I was from! I had people say places like France, England, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Sweden...really no cohesiveness between the language sounds is it?

Well I didn't want to make people feel embarrassed so I finally made up my own island "Margainia". Elbon was the Capitol (my maiden name spelled backwards). I was living at Walt Disney World and coming up with this scenario with my Norwegian roomate, Trude. I was always worried that people would ask a lot of questions so we came up with exports, were it was located, how I came to live in the States and so on.

My real reason I struggle with English maybe lies in my wordproccessor. I still have a 1950's model, (although I was born in the 70's), which is just plain unreliable!!

Despite my handicapp for communication I do often contemplate English words and how we say them. For instance:

We say bicycle, the "y" sounding like ick or lick.

But we then say motorcycle, the "y" sounding like kite or icecream. Is it because motorcycle, (sounding like kite),
sounds more manly white collar than motorcycle, (sounding like ick)?

Does any of this make sense? Though I admit it is hard to have this converastion with a nonverbal computer screen than hearing it first hand, I cannot keep this quanundrum inside any longer! I have laundry to do and an art room to organize, children to adore and a household to can I get distracted by these kind of issues? I have too many issues already!!