The Life of a Domestic Goddess

Happenings in my life and my thoughts of being a nutty mother of three spirited children. Art. Love. Good times and hard. In a nut through my eyes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My brain has been parked in this rest area for months now. I am not sure it has given me more of a "Power" boost but I guess we shall see!

On this day of December 30th of the fading year of 2009, I will state here publicly that I will dedicate my self more to this crazy idea of journaling here on a blog. Therefore meaning I actually have to sit down at the computer more often than once a month or so!

My dear friend Olga has been my cheerleader and inspiration for just writing about whatever. I did toil with the idea of changing the name to "My life as a mentally ill Domestic Goddess" but alas, I decided to stay strong and not give in to weakness! I do not want my minions to start rebelling with too much information!