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Wednesday, June 2, 2010



plus 3 year old =

Drawing on self not the walk!

Notice it is not just on her leg but forehead also.

Our drawings that did make it on the walk.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something Magical

There is something I find magical about rolling hills.

I often visited and also lived with my grandparents who have a farm on the Palouse in Eastern Washington.
I love the beauty there! When my husband and I lived in Wyoming I went to a quilt show. The artist sewed beautiful murals. I remember a huge train quilt that was amazing! But the one that truly caught my eye was a large quilt with a combine on rolling hills. I knew exactly where she got her inspiration for it. I immediately went to find the artist and gushed over how wonderful it was and that I would recognize the Palouse anywhere! Though hours away from where she lived near Lewiston, Id, farm lands stretch south in Washington and Idaho.

My family headed to Eastern WA for Memorial Day weekend. We had a busy three days.

But here we are taking it easy at the farm. Dan and our niece, Emma, are strolling down a grassy hill, trying to catch up with the others!

Parley is enjoying the spring weather with the new crop of feed peas starting to peek through the ground behind him.

Laura Swooped up her sweet little cousin, Sydnie while romping in the grass.

Parley peeking through boards on the cattle chute loader ramp thing! (Don't I know all the technical farm terms well?!)

What a cutie that Sydnie is! She poses for pictures great.

I call these two outlaws "Partners in Crime". Preston and my nephew, Dallin, are posing in an old manure spreader.

Emma almost got lost in the tall grass. I was trying and trying to get pictures of her but her head was usually down. Maybe since she is only 17 months she still needs to watch her step!

Away goes Sydnie lickety split! And...

me. An eternal HAM!