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Monday, September 20, 2010

Freeing my GLEE

You can always count on two things in September...
1. School starting
2. The big Western Washington fair here in Puyallup!

On a specified Wednesday, school gets out at noon and each Puyallup student is armed with a ticket to get into the fair.

Laura went with some friends and the boys, Dan and I had a jolly ole' time!
Of course we are getting started with one of the "must haves" cotton candy!

This old fashioned roller coaster is so fun! It is 75 years old this year!!!

Preston and I getting rainy wet in line for SINBAD...

We met up with some friends, and having a ball!

I snuck into the building were the flowers were judged! I love Dahlias
and Hydrangeas.

A long day...
But we rode till 10 when the rides closed! One of our favorites was the SEA DRAGON!
Although rainy and crowed and I left motion sick, a really fun day! Though I think we might do it on another day other than the school fair day...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Next Stage in Life!

My life seemed to change and swirl in a new way yesterday.
A strange, new thing happened...

ALL my children are in school all day!

(this is all of us before we got on the 'ole wagon!)

The day a young mother thinks will never come...
Through all the arranging of sitters for appointments
and running errands,
and wrangling time around nap times,
and never feeling you get a chance by yourself,

And now?
Well, I am not sure how I feel. I am happy with the stages they are in.
Of course until I look at their pictures from yester year.

But now are new expectations expected?

Do I have to have the house spic and span?
and dinner ready?
and lawn mowed?
and weeded?
and cookies baked?
and laundry done?
Will our expectations of unrealistic perfection ever change no matter what stage?

All I have to say is maybe I should study that one out, eat some bonbons and watch a good movie right before I take a nap!